Ken Marr

Ken has been a resident of Salt Spring since 1969 when he moved here with his parents, brother and sister.  The family built several cabins and opened Cusheon Lake Resort and developed Marr Accounting into a successful business through the 70’s and into the
80’s.  Ken attended Salt Spring Elementary School and Gulf Island Secondary School.

He is involved with various activities in the community, mainly around his two school age children. His other passion is soccer and he has been involved as a player, coach, manager and sponsor of both kids and adults programs.

As a business owner in our community, Ken feels priviledged in being able to assist in many community initiatives and programs, especially for children and those less fortunate.

Ken has worked at the Windsor Plywood store on Salt Spring since 1984 and been the manager since 1989.  Ken has looked after most of the departments in the store; currently his main responsibilities are Human Resources, purchasing and selling commodities and overall operations supervision.

Ken enjoys the variety involved in his position.  “No two days are the same,” he says.  Finding new and improved ways of doing business and changing the store’s business formula as needed in today’s economy is one of his most enjoyable responsibilities.  Customer Service is Ken’s first priority and he wants to ensure your visit to our store is up to the best standards for you, our customer.

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